Ousmane Sow

African art inspired modernism, when I look at Pablo Picasso’s paintings I see African masquerades ya know. Picasso collected many African sculptures and art pieces but he denied being inspired by art from Africa. African art will always be contemporary because the continent is fluid, constantly changing, warring, moving, bustling. Art from the continent seems new and fresh. Keep your vintage. I honour the past but nah forget living in the past! Live in now.

Ousmane Sow …Senegalese artist and sculptor, he got into art a lot later in life. So there is hope for us all. BBC News – 13 Dec 2013 – Senegal sculptor Ousmane Sow becomes the first African to be invited to join France’s Academy of Fine Arts. (2013, first African really?!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25368057

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