Paris for the blog

Had a lovely week in Paris. Thought I’d make a quick blogpost before I forget about it. I’ve been back for a week now and it’s already fading into distant memory. Before medical school takes over let me recount my travels. So yeah I loved Paris but I wouldn’t live there. I and my travelling partner were tourist extraordinaire. So we went to pretty much every tourist hotspot . The highlights for me personally was:

1. Mass at Norte Dame which was so beautiful. The worship and everything was heavenly. It was just, I love going into a place of worship, so that was número uno. And the singing was divineeeeee!

2. The Louvre. I almost didn’t put this because walking around the museum was so ridiculously tiring. But looking back I saw some of the most beautiful and historically acclaimed paintings and sculptures. I mean priceless stuff you know.

We stayed in no hotel near the champs élysées which had views of the Eiffel Tower that were just mwah! So loved waking up to that. The service was great. My one gripe about the French experience was the metro is quite dirty and just short of disgusting in my opinion. Also tourists were asking to take pictures of me ….don’t know if it was because of my hair, because I’m black. Sigh. All in all it was a pretty good trip! Xoxoxo

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