My name is Dr. Blessing Essang. I am a practicing medical doctor and early career researcher who loves to draw and consume art. Outside the field of medicine my pursuits are photography and art, I particularly love drawing illustrations. I created this blog to showcase my art, discuss books I’m reading and general thoughts and musings.

I graduated from medical school in 2016 and through that time my passion for art continued to burn (albeit a persistent but tiny flame). During my undergraduate training, I re-imagined and created displays for the public of medical collections at the Suttie centre, Aberdeen. Recently as a junior doctor, I exhibited artwork at the Brodrick Gallery for the Art of HEY exhibition. Most of my work is done on commutes to and from work after busy shifts.

As a well oiled medic I can tell you the transferable skills gained through these experiences are attention to detail, adaptable learning, effective communication, and organisational skills. Skills which are valuable as a clinical researcher and doctor.

But as a normal person, Creating beautiful illustrations was an outlet for me to escape and process my thoughts. I create because of the way it makes me feel and because it gives me a way to share something beautiful with others.

And as Christian I believe God created us to be creative. Create something new from nothing (music, dance, art, gardening) and create with purpose to serve those around us. We are made in the image of the Creator to ourselves be creators. Psalms chapter 139 verses 14 up to 17 written by David describes the beautiful creation of our being:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made… skilfully wrought… Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.

You can get in touch with my by filling the contact box below.

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